About Us

Cassandra Online Market was introduced as the online department for Cassandra Supermarche & Pharmacie along with its partners stores Caleb Supermarche, Ayden Market and Gaideline Mini-market in which pick-up is also available. All four stores are located in the heart of the commune of Croix des Bouquets. We specialize in groceries and essential items as well as electronics, beauty, home & decor, sources of energy and much more.

Cassandra Supermarche which distributes to all three other stores is located in Bon repos, Caleb Supermarche is located in Croix-des-Missions and Ayden is located in Santo 3 as part of Peterson Station Service and finally Gaideline Mini-Market located inside of Gaideline Station Service on Route Neuve direction North towards the Coast of Arcadins.

Cassandra Supermarche is a family owned business and first opened its doors in July 2015 two years after the family’s first grocery store, Caleb Supermarche opened its doors. With four locations, we have been in business for a total of 6 years.

Our goal is to better serve the community in our surrounding areas and those passing through our city heading or coming back from the North side of Haiti. With the online service we hope to do just do and much more.

We want to take some of the stress that families living abroad must go through to send monetary support for groceries to their families in Haiti. No matter where you are, you can order goods for your families in the comfort of your home with internet access.

Why Shop With Us?

Besides the fact that we are selling goods and services that you are likely needing, we appreciate and value your business more than anything knowing that you have many other choices.

And for that, we strive to always make you feel like family by providing the freshest products and upmost customer care. We strive and trained all our employees to be a reflection of that and resolve any situations in which a customer may have been dissatisfied.

Our clientele is our first priority and because of that we will go above and beyond to make sure that your experience in your dealings with us is nothing short of amazing. As we continue to evolve in finding ways to better as a one of a kind retailer in the grocery business serving both the locals and those living in the diaspora, our customers ‘needs remain our number one priority.